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    A world of color & a lifetime of protection

  • What we do

    We take the things you care about most and extend the life and your enjoyment for many years to come with quality powder coating. The process and product is called powder coating, we call it "adding life".

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    Outdoor furniture and sculpture

    Have you ever thought of refurbishing instead of replacing your old outdoor furniture? Breathe new life into your old items with brand new hard wearing and long lasting powder coating.

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    Wrought iron gates and fencing

    Make a statement that lasts a lifetime by protecting the value and strength of your homes most important first impression.

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    Machine parts and mechanical protection

    Whether you are restoring an old car, antique or just have some parts you need powder coated, we can help

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    901 Calimo Street
    North Albury, NSW 2640, Australia

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